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Results 2023/24 - Speed Chess Grand Prix

This competition runs from May to August with nine events of 'five', 'ten' or 'fifteen' minute games. Points are awarded for the top four places (20, 12, 8 and 4 respectively) and one point for taking part. The player with the highest points total at the end of all nine events holds the Speed Chess Grand Prix trophy for one year. The results of the 'ten' and 'fifteen' minute games are sent for ECF rapidplay rating at the end of each month.

An incremental time control is in operation. For 'five' minute games the time control is three minutes plus three seconds per move, for 'ten' minute games the time control is six minutes plus five seconds per move and for 'fifteen' minute games the time control is ten minutes plus five seconds per move.

Grand Prix Standings

1Ovidiu Chindea202040
=2Howard Grist1212
=2Nick J Lacey1212
4Joshua Davis819
5David Ruppert88
6Michael J Saunders134
=7David J King33
=7Colin M Newton33
=7Stephen L Wedlock33
=10Joshua Emdon112
=10Lana Hurrell112
=10Melvin R Pool112
=13James I Courtenay11
=13Taylor R Duke11
=13Dennis B Paul11
=13Douglas D Smallbone11
=13Tom Webster11

Event 1 - 03/05/24 - 5 Minutes

1Ovidiu ChindeaX01111111111111   20
2Howard Grist1X101½111111110½12
3Joshua Davis00X111½1111118
4David J King010X0101111118   3
5Stephen L Wedlock0001X011111118   3
6Dennis B Paul0½001X10111111
7Melvin R Pool00½100X1111111
8Michael J Saunders0000010X111116   1
9Joshua Emdon00000000X11114   1
10James I Courtenay000000000X1113   1
11Douglas D Smallbone0000000000X112   1
12Tom Webster00000000000X11   1
13Lana Hurrell000000000000X0   1

Event 2 - 17/05/24 - 10 Minutes

1Ovidiu Chindea1766X1111½1111203820
2Nick J Lacey15310X101111117   179312
3David Ruppert161600X1101½1116578
4Colin M Newton1823010X0110115   16433
5Michael J Saunders18410001X011115   16453
6Taylor R Duke1649½0101X001115811
7Joshua Davis1602000001X1114   15321
8Joshua Emdon118800½1010X0114361
9Melvin R Poole153200000001X12   13531
10Lana Hurrelle1098000000000X0   6561
1Howard Grist19840
2Stephen L Wedlock19940

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