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Results 2015/16 - Barton Cup

Pos  NameGradePWDLAScore%agePerfDiff
1  Neil A Sutherland170221534016½/2275.0179+9
2  Dennis R Dartnell138281675019½/2869.6157+19
3  Christian F Westrap162186111011½/1863.9164+2
4  Howard Grist17822985013/2259.1181+3
5  Roger H Oxenham12919865011/1957.9132+3
6  Josh T Winiberg152227114012½/2256.8155+3
=7  Stephen L Wedlock1582710107015/2755.61580
=7  Fred R Whitefield1312710107015/2755.6137+6
9  John Wright141201028011/2055.0138-3
=10  Nigel E Cook1091252506/1250.0114+5
=10  Colin M Newton13530101010015/3050.0128-7
12  Michael J Saunders14539141015019/3948.7140-5
13  Steve J Haggerty105144550/1446.498-7
14  John R Chapman89940504/944.487-2
15  Peter H Billson7382330/843.888+15
  William U Bremner56200200/20.047-9
  Bernard S Chalk75100100/10.037-38
  James I Courtenay67200200/20.057-10
  Ian D Gilberte15874300/778.6166+8
  Nick J Laceye9530120½/316.771-24
  Matthew H Shaw17121100/275.0181+10
  Alan H Wilson76620402/633.381+5

The Barton Cup is awarded to the club member who has the highest percentage score for the club, subject to a minimum of 8 games.

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Results 2015/16 Index   Global Coins   DG Cannan Trophy