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Results 1995/96 Index   Essex Team Blitz   Southend League Division 1 - 2nd Team

Results 1995/96 - Southend League Division 1 - 1st Team

13/10/95Southend IIH5-1
30/10/95Southend IIIA5½-½
27/11/95Hadleigh IH4½-1½
22/01/96Southend IIA3½-2½
12/02/96Hadleigh IA3½-2½
23/02/96Westcliff IH4-2
26/02/96Southend IIIH5½-½
04/03/96Rayleigh IA4-2
22/03/96Rayleigh IH4-2
27/03/96Westcliff IA5-1

The final league table is on the Southend & District League website.

Westcliff I27/03/96Southend I
1Mark R Blyth16401Neil A Sutherland174
2David Raeburn154½½Stephen L Wedlock153
3David G Cannan12401Stanley Harwood149
4David Moreton12101Alan J Parsons145
5Ronald T Gooch13701Graham S Lee128
6Alec J Hurley108½½David K Legg122
Average Grade134.7145.2
Average Performance111.8168.0
Southend I22/03/96Rayleigh I
1Michael S Twyble220½½John C Moore178
2Neil A Sutherland17410Paul L Williamson183
3Stephen L Wedlock15310Graham A Worsfold159
4William H Luxton138½½Ralph A Newton153
5Roger H Oxenham131½½Vincent E Arnulle125
6Mark S Doxey117½½Jon P Gazzard100
Average Grade155.5149.7
Average Performance166.7138.5
Rayleigh I04/03/96Southend I
1John C Moore178½½Neil A Sutherland174
2Paul L Williamson18301Howard Grist169
3Graham A Worsfold15901Stephen L Wedlock153
4Ralph A Newton153½½Alan J Parsons145
5Richard B Hobell146½½Jack A Speigel144
6Tom M Nocke155½½Mark S Doxey117
Average Grade162.3150.3
Average Performance133.7179.0
Southend I26/02/96Southend III
1Neil A Sutherland17410Graham S Lee128
2Howard Grist169½½Mark S Doxey117
3Stephen L Wedlock15310Barry DA Fraser114
4Jack A Speigel14410Laurie S Harrold99
5Simon S Armour14310Jamie A Davis88
6William H Luxton13810Giovanni Bonomoe80
Average Grade153.5104.3
Average Performance155.3102.5
Southend I23/02/96Westcliff I
1Neil A Sutherland174½½Mark R Blyth164
2Howard Grist16910David Raeburn154
3Stephen L Wedlock153½½David G Cannan124
4Stanley Harwood14910Ronald T Gooch137
5Jack A Speigel144½½David Moreton121
6William H Luxton138½½Alan D Gunn114
Average Grade154.5135.7
Average Performance152.3137.8
Hadleigh I12/02/96Southend I
1Ken W Clow16701Andrew Dunn183
2Andrew King15610Neil A Sutherland174
3Anthony Drake144½½Howard Grist169
4Andrew S Kochen13701Stephen L Wedlock153
5Lawrence N Collin12610Stanley Harwood149
6Terry Last11501Alan J Parsons145
Average Grade140.8162.2
Average Performance153.8149.2
Southend II22/01/96Southend I
1Alan J Parsons14510Neil A Sutherland174
2Roger H Oxenham13101Howard Grist169
3William H Luxton138½½Mike C Kelly166
4Stanley Harwood149½½Stephen L Wedlock153
5Dennis B Paul129½½Simon S Armour143
6George MA Smith11601Mark S Doxey117
Average Grade134.7153.7
Average Performance145.3143.0
Southend I27/11/95Hadleigh I
1Neil A Sutherland17401Ken W Clow167
2Howard Grist169½½Andrew King156
3Stephen L Wedlock15310Anthony Drake144
4Stanley Harwood14910Default
5Alan J Parsons14510Lawrence N Collin126
6Jack A Speigel14410Default
Average Grade155.7148.3
Average Performance160.8147.8
Southend III30/10/95Southend I
1Mark S Doxey11701Neil A Sutherland174
2Barry DA Fraser11401Howard Grist169
3Laurie S Harrold9901Stephen L Wedlock153
4Brian J Murray97½½Simon S Armour143
5Jamie A Davis8801William H Luxton138
6Tony C Lodge5401Roger H Oxenham131
Average Grade94.8151.3
Average Performance93.2153.0
Southend I13/10/95Southend II
1Michael S Twyble22010Stanley Harwood149
2Neil A Sutherland17410Alan J Parsons145
3Howard Grist16910William H Luxton138
4Mike C Kelly16610Roger H Oxenham131
5Stephen L Wedlock15301Dennis B Paul129
6Warren J Pottrill12310David K Legg122
Average Grade167.5135.7
Average Performance174.2129.0

Results 1995/96 Index   Essex Team Blitz   Southend League Division 1 - 2nd Team