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Results 2023/24 - JA Speigel Memorial

1Matthew H Shaw1940b17+w13+b4+w2+b34   2577
2Howard Grist1946w10+b9+w5+b1-w73   1893
3Taylor R Duke1709w15+b5=w12+b7w11811
4Neil A Sutherland1975w18+b14+w1-b6=w101906
5Michael J Saunders1634b20+w3=b2-w16+w81702
6Julian Corfield1966b8-w11+b18+w4=b121773
7Stephen L Wedlock1858w16+b12=bye=w3b22   1774
8Chris Lynch1573w6+bye=b13=w12b52   1996
9Dennis B Paul1659b11+w2-b15=w17=b182   1535
10Ben Middleton1566b2-w17b20+w13+b42   1712
11Christopher Wray1303w9-b6-b21+w15+b172   1427
12Nick J Lacey1629w21+w7=b3-b8w61601
13Joshua Davis1640w22+b1-w8=b10-w201496
14Dennis R Dartnelle1750b19+w4-b16=1625
15Adam JM Moyse1352b3-w21+w9=b11-b161331
16Melvin R Pool1532b7-bye+w14=b5-w151474
17David J King1537w1-b10w22+b9=w111613
18Mark Clancy1589b4-w20+w6-b22w91   1588
19Dennis M Thompson1369w14-b22+1   1501
20Lana Hurrell1098w5-b18-w10-b21+b131   1175
21Douglas D Smallbonee1000b12-b15-w11-w20-b220   486
22Joshua Emdon1252b13-w19-b17-w18w210   715

Round 5 Pairings
Taylor R DukevMatthew H Shaw4   29 Jul
Howard Grist3   vStephen L Wedlock2   29 Jul
Michael J SaundersvChris Lynch2   29 Jul
Neil A SutherlandvBen Middleton2   29 Jul
Nick J LaceyvJulian Corfield29 Jul
David J KingvChristopher Wray2   29 Jul
Mark Clancy1   vDennis B Paul2   29 Jul
Melvin R PoolvAdam JM Moyse29 Jul
Joshua DavisvLana Hurrell1   29 Jul
Joshua Emdon0   vDouglas D Smallbone0   
Other Outstanding Pairings
Ben MiddletonvDavid J King02 Aug2
Chris LynchvNick J Lacey26 Jul4
Stephen L WedlockvTaylor R Duke05 Aug4
Joshua EmdonvMark Clancy16 Aug4

This event will be run as a seven round swiss based at Ambleside Social Club although games may also be played at Thorpe Bay Bridge Club.

The time control is 36 moves in 90 minutes followed by 24 moves in an hour. If both players agree, then all moves in 80 minutes plus an increment of 10 seconds per move may be played. Rounds will commence promptly at 7.30 p.m.

The results of all games will be sent for ECF rating.

The tournament winner will hold the JA Speigel Memorial Trophy for one year. Ties are broken by a play-off.

Scheduled dates -

Round 1   Monday 20th May
Round 2   Monday 10th June
Round 3   Monday 24th June
Round 4   Monday 15th July
Round 5   Monday 29th July
Round 6   Monday 12th August
Round 7   Monday 2nd September

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