Southend Chess Club Title

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Results 2023/24 - Global Coins


1Howard Grist1977X11111106   2076
2Matthew H Shaw19180X11½½115   1934
3Stephen L Wedlock192900X110114   1824
4Nick J Lacey1700000X11½+1757
5Ben Middleton16030½00X1½+3   1705
6Josh T Winiberge18500½100X0+1596
7Taylor R Duke1606000½½1X½1718
8Ovidiu Chindeae1766100---½X1771

U1600 Group A

1Joshua Davis Q1583X1111116   2120
2David J King Q15380X011114   1437
3Ernest Shanks151701X--113   1568
4Prajin Rajae100000+X1013   1124
5Brian Glasby122900+0X1-2   1150
6Joshua Emdon125200010X12   1163
7Luke D Shaw7150000+0X1   286

U1600 Group B

1David Ruppert Q1575X1111114   2099
2Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge Q15380X½+11333
3Matt P Bellman Q12780½X1111459
4Dennis M Thompson14010-0X11   1162
5Lana Hurrelle10000000X0   564
6Graham Ballinger103400X0   552
7Peter H Billson12130X0   775

U1600 Group C

1Mark Clancy Q1565X1111116   2094
2Danny Hodgson Q15650X½11111487
3Nathan Driscoll11330½X10111393
4Adam JM Moyse1342000X1113   1315
5Christopher Wray13170010X012   1194
6John R Chapman119500001X+2   1144
7Nagulan Sankar111300000-X0   560

U1600 Final

1Mark Clancy1565X1011+15   1742
2David J King15380X011114   1642
3David Ruppert157511X00½1558
4Joshua Davis1583001X½11504
5Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge1538001X12   1561
6Danny Hodgson1565-0½½0X12   1430
7Matt P Bellman12780000X0   763

Outstanding Fixtures
28 JunMatt P Bellmanv David Ruppert
28 JunJoshua Davisv Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge
08 JulMatt P Bellmanv Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge

This event is open to all club members with an ECF rating under 1600 in the September 2023 list. The results of all games are submitted for ECF rating at the end of each month.

The time control is 36 moves in 90 minutes followed by 24 moves in an hour. If both players agree, then all moves in 80 minutes plus an increment of 10 seconds per move may be played. Rounds will commence promptly at 7.30 p.m.

The winner holds the Global Coins Cup for one year.

The top two players in each group, plus anyone who scores as many points as the second placed player, qualify for an all-play-all final. Players who have qualified for the final are marked Q.

Results 2023/24 Index   JA Speigel Memorial   Barton Cup