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Results 2018/19 - Barton Cup

Pos  NameGradePWDLAScore%agePerfDiff
1  Julian Corfielde18019973012½/1965.8174-6
2  Nick J Lacey12016844010/1662.5143+23
3  Neil A Sutherland182258107013/2552.0171-11
=4  Colin M Newton13736111411018/3650.0144+7
=4  Doris G Randell86156360/1550.0107+21
6  Michael J Saunders14244161117021½/4448.9145+3
7  Dennis R Dartnell154932404/944.4142-12
=8  Howard Grist180255128011/2544.0168-12
=8  Stephen L Wedlock173258611011/2544.0151-22
10  Fred R Whitefield131289514011½/2841.1132+1
11  Alan H Wilson621030703/1030.071+9
12  Dennis M Thompson79122370/1229.281+2
13  Steve J Haggerty10619341205/1926.394-12
14  Christopher Wray971833120/1825.087-10
15  John R Chapman601212902/1216.761+1
  Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge76412102/450.0103+27
  Peter H Billson7250140½/510.063-9
  William U Bremner58300300/30.028-30
  James I Courtenay62300300/30.054-8
  Ian D Gilbert16131110/350.0149-12
  Ashley Graye80200200/20.048-32
  Luka Lacey80110001/1100.0141+61
  Stuart A Pithers53100100/10.041-12
  Matthew H Shaw166110001/1100.0225+59
  Josh T Winiberg15842110/462.5162+4

The Barton Cup is awarded to the club member who has the highest percentage score for the club, subject to a minimum of 8 games.

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