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Results 2014/15 - Barton Cup

Pos  NameGradePWDLAScore%agePerfDiff
1  Mark G Kay10496120/972.2121+17
2  Dennis R Dartnell134241446016/2466.7136+2
3  Howard Grist167201064013/2065.0181+14
=4  Josh T Winiberge140251366016/2564.0150+10
=4  John Wright151251366016/2564.0149-2
6  Roger H Oxenham13518954011½/1863.91350
7  Fred R Whitefield124241347015/2462.5125+1
8  John R Chapman751564508/1553.397+22
9  Colin M Newton1392911810015/2951.7133-6
10  Steve J Haggerty1001462607/1450.0103+3
=11  Michael J Saunders154235108010/2343.5144-10
=11  Stephen L Wedlock167237610010/2343.5151-16
13  Neil A Sutherland17623410909/2339.1166-10
14  Tony C Lodgee961132604/1136.497+1
15  Nigel E Cook1221014503/1030.098-24
  Matt P Bellman66410301/425.080+14
  Peter H Billson7461140/625.069-5
  William U Bremner57710601/714.346-11
  Bernard S Chalk8310100½/150.057-26
  James I Courtenay8451130/530.078-6
  Matthew H Shaw16732100/383.3192+25
  Dennis M Thompson89420202/450.090+1
  Christian F Westrape17041300/462.51700
  Alan H Wilson72510401/520.060-12

The Barton Cup is awarded to the club member who has the highest percentage score for the club, subject to a minimum of 8 games.

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Results 2014/15 Index   Global Coins   Speed Chess Grand Prix