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Results 2012/13 - Barton Cup

Pos  NameGradePWDLAScore%agePerfDiff
1  Stephen L Wedlock149291991023½/2981.0168+19
2  Howard Grist17517971012½/1773.5182+7
3  Tony Peterson1841366109/1369.2185+1
4  Dennis R Dartnell138191225013/1968.4137-1
5  Roger H Oxenham131221345015/2268.2136+5
6  John Wright1513414128020/3458.8150-1
=7  Nigel E Cook1111246207/1258.3122+11
=7  Michael J Saunders15118774010½/1858.3154+3
9  Neil A Sutherland185186750/1852.8171-14
10  Fred R Whitefield1382912611015/2951.7121-17
11  Jim O'Neil15882330/843.8148-10
12  Mark G Kay119204790/2037.5112-7
13  Colin M Newton1431828806/1833.3116-27
14  John R Chapman72133190/1326.966-6
15  Steve J Haggerty1011314803/1323.179-22
  Matt P Bellmane100510401/520.074-26
  Peter H Billsone74502301/520.073-1
  William U Bremner63300300/30.025-38
  Bernard S Chalke6570340/721.467+2
  James I Courtenay100502301/520.073-27
  John C French9331110/350.0103+10
  Justus J Genthee5010100½/150.055+5
  Dennis M Thompson93602401/616.778-15
  Paul Ward94100100/10.022-72
  Alan H Wilson72320102/366.794+22

The Barton Cup is awarded to the club member who has the highest percentage score for the club, subject to a minimum of 8 games.

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